SolarVenti Project

Eco-Friendly Ventilation for Dehumidified Healthy Homes

At Nuvision Energy (Wales) we are pleased to offer the SolarVenti Eco friendly ventilation system, an innovative solar powered ventilation system which delivers comfort to your home or work space.

The system, developed in Denmark and installed in over 80,000 buildings worldwide, comprises a roof or wall mounted solar ventilation panel that blows warm fresh filtered air into our homes to reduce humidity and remove organic compounds.

This versatile system can be used in numerous locations from houses, holiday homes, garages and basements to storage rooms, caravans and motor homes.

Why do we need ventilation?

In the pursuit of warmer homes by the installation of double gazing and wall insulation we have created air tight properties that trap moisture in the air.  This increases humidity which in turn results in condensation on our walls and windows, creating a breeding ground for mould and black spots. The resulting poor air quality also has a detrimental effect on our health with bronchitis and asthma in particular exacerbated by high humidity

Why SolarVenti?

With warm air ventilation we can solve these problems and create a healthier environment for our clients and as warm dry air is cheaper to heat than moist air, we can also reduce heating costs. The SolarVenti system has low to zero running costs and can be installed in a day by our team of specialist installers. The panels have very low maintenance costs and with the advanced SV controller the system can be managed by the home owner to maximise the benefits in every room of the house or office.

 View our SolarVenti presentation below 

Our Service

We offer a free survey and design service and are delighted to provide testimonials from previous clients, and to discuss most recent system development for home comfort heating.

For more information, contact us today and you will find that  our friendly staff will be delighted to help.