Milford Waterway Zero Carbon Area

Nuvision Energy (Wales) wins new contract

Nuvision Energy {Wales} is part of a consortium led by Cardiff University who have recently won the Welsh Government contract to develop phase two of the detailed zero carbon area demonstrator for Milford Waterfront, Pembrokeshire.

This demonstrator project is being sponsored by Milford Haven Port Authority and supported by Pembrokeshire County Council.  The full consortium includes Cardiff University’s Geoenvironmental Research Centre as lead partner, Nuvision Energy (Wales) and Ynni Glan.

Project description

Building on the preparatory work undertaken in phase one, the main outcome of the project will be to provide a further developed and tested zero carbon area approach for the Milford Waterfront site. In addition, the project partners will develop an outline business case and plan for delivery, monitoring and management of a zero-carbon area demonstrator at the site.

Working with a wide range of stakeholders, the team will look at capturing the potential for utilising innovative and novel technology, systems and processes to create and develop the zero carbon area concept

The project will aim to maximise potential for interlinking and integrating with other opportunities and funding.  This will include developing R&D and demonstrator opportunities, and to add value to retro or new activities that address local issues which encourage multiple social, economic and environmental benefits

It is intended to develop an approach and methodology that after being tested at the Milford Waterfront site, can then be rolled out to other areas in Wales.

Our role

Nuvision Energy (Wales) will be the project managers responsible for the overall management, administration and delivery of the work. We will organise and conduct the review meetings and engagements with stake holders to ensure smooth delivery of the project.

We will also support the delivery of the outline business plan which will include identifying pathways and key milestones for the actual implementation of the Milford Waterfront zero carbon area.