Home Energy Services Gateway (HESG) Project

In September 2017 Nuvision Energy (Wales) was awarded the Home Energy Services Gateway (HESG) Project for the Bridgend area by the Energy Systems Catapult.

The Energy Systems Catapult is an elite innovative centre set up by the UK Government as part of a network of world-leading centres aimed at transforming the UK’s capability for innovation in specific sectors.  Part of its remit is to work with universities and companies in the UK to look at improving home energy management for the 21stcentury.

The HESG project is a ‘living lab’ trial of one hundred homes which allows energy service providers and home owners to develop and test products, services, business models and processes. This unique project is being rolled out by the Catapult in three locations in the UK, namely Bridgend, Manchester and Newcastle.

The contract requires Nuvision Energy Wales to survey over 50 homes within the Bridgend County Borough Council boundary and to subsequently install smart heating controls into 30 selected houses.  The smart heating controls use sensors and wireless technology to help home owners to independently manage their heating system in every room of their house so that the heating systems operates as efficiently as possible and in accordance with the requirements of each home owner.

Temperature and time selections are undertaken by the home owners through an interface mobile application on their smart phone or tablet. Precise room temperatures and comfort levels are managed thereafter remotely through a Hub connected to ‘cloud’ based computer software developed by The Catapult.

Nuvision Energy’s contract also includes maintenance of the installed system and the subsequent reinstatement of the original heating system controls when the project concludes circa 2020. To date feedback from the home owners is very positive with some having reduced their heating costs despite the very cold winter.